My jQuery Plugins

jQuery Modal Popup Window - modalPopLite

This is jQuery Super Lightweight, Super Simple (Modal) Popup Dialog Box – 1.5KB. No Fuss.

It supports fading background and rounded corners, very simple to setup and use, no complex features just a quick and simple but effective dialog box.

A simple demo with minimum code can be found here:

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jQuery popBox

This plugin provides a simple to use popup textarea extension for textboxes.

If you have ever come accross the situation where you have a bunch of text boxes that you want the user to fill in, for example in the back admin system of a site, but it is annoying for...

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jQuery vScroll

This plugin turns a container with sub containers into a scrolling window with previous and next buttons, the content can be anything and the heights of these can vary as needed. The plugin is very small (minified version just over 500 bytes).

A demo of this being used on a live...

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jQuery divGrow

I had the need for a number of divs on a page that would show a certain amount of content, then grow (animate) with a ‘show more’ button, and shrink back with a ‘show less’ button.

There were solutions out there, but the ones I found were based on the number...

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