Firefox 11 Memory Leak

I have always been a fan of Firefox and encouraged other developers to use it, addons such as Firebug and YSlow are simply essential tools for anything more than your most basic web page, and will even help with those. Neither the developer tools...Read More »

Web site development top tip – always start with a CSS reset

Always start a web site with a CSS reset. This sets all the elements CSS properties and avoids the inconsistency of various browsers default CSS properties for elements. Giving you a consistent starting point for building a cross browser compatible web site.

There are many to be found but generally very...Read More »

Firefox refresh page retaining checkbox/radiobutton values

I had a page which uses codebehind Page_Load and (!IsPostBack) to setup all the controls on the page depending on what was being loaded. This worked fine, apart from when I refreshed the page (F5) in Firefox 3.5 – IE was okay.

Firefox seems to retain all the input selections –...Read More »