WordPress ‘Posts for Page’ plugin updated V1.7

Version 1.7 has been released.

Added in v1.7:

  • hide_read_more : set to ‘true’ to hide the read more link
  • create_para_tags : set to ‘true’ to use the WP ‘wpautop’ function to create <p> tags and <br> tags from line breaks
  • order : set to ‘ASC’ or ‘DESC’ – Designates the ascending or descending order of the ‘orderby’ parameter. Defaults to ‘DESC’

I have also made the source available for others to contribute and improve the plugin where possible on github – https://github.com/shibbard/posts-for-page

A nice write-up of this plugin was made over at Edusaurus here Creating Mini-Blogs and the Posts-for-Page Plugin

For plugin usage and details see this page.

jQuery Ajax Get calls fail in IE (Internet Explorer) but work in Firefox, Chome, Safari.. why?

You may have come across the situation where you are making a jQuery AJAX GET request to update part of your page with changing content, but it never updates or just returns blank content.

This issue has been around a long time, since first use of Ajax calls via XMLHTTP, but still causes headaches for people trying to debug the problem now.

What it actually comes down to is that the ‘Get’ call is working correctly, but Internet

Explorer (IE) caches the response, so you never get the updated results from the server.

What are the options:

  • 1) Use POST rather than GET – although this is not semantically correct, you should only POST when modifying contents on the server, technically there really is not much difference.
  • 2) (Preferred) You can disable caching globally using $.ajaxSetup(), for example:

    Setup({ cache: false });
    This appends a timestamp to the querystring when making the request. To turn cache off for a particular $.ajax() call, set cache: false on it locally, like this: $.ajax({
    cache: false,
    //other options...

WordPress ‘Posts for Page’ Plugin v1.61

WordPress ‘Posts for Page’ plugin has been updated with support for some requested features.

Actual post excerpts can now be shown rather than the post content itself just limited in length. Post text can be hidden, e.g. if you just want to show post titles. Meta data can be shown to display the post date and author name. HTML content can be stripped from the shortened posts (if not using the excerpt). Post titles can be hidden.

  • use_wp_excerpt – show the WP generated excerpt or the excerpt if defined for the post
  • strip_html : attempts to strip all HTML content (if not using use_wp_excerpt option)
  • hide_post_content : set to ‘true’ to only show the post titles
  • show_meta : set to ‘true’ to show post date and author name
  • hide_post_title : set to ‘true’ to hide the post title, e.g. if you just want to show one post using post_id

Full instructions and download can be found here or go to the official WordPress plugin page.

Firefox 11 Memory Leak

I have always been a fan of Firefox and encouraged other developers to use it, addons such as Firebug and YSlow are simply essential tools for anything more than your most basic web page, and will even help with those. Neither the developer tools in Chrome, Safari or IE can really compete.

There certainly does seem to be an issue with the latest version of Firefox though regarding Continue reading

Posts for Page – WordPress Plugin


I really needed a way to show summarised posts by for a particular category or set of tags under the heading of a single page and could not find a suitable plugin, so I decided to write one.

If you go to the page link “ASP.Net” in the header of this site you will see snipped posts from the category ASP.Net. If you click on “HTML/CSS/jQuery” what you see is summarised versions of the posts tagged with either ‘HTML’, ‘CSS’ or ‘jQuery’.

Continue reading

MVC3 Razor – jQuery – Visual Studio != Intellisense

I wondered where my intellisense had gone for jQuery with MVC3 and Razor. Anyway there is a fix for it:

Add the following to your view (with the jQuery vsdoc version you have:

@if (false) { <script src="~/Scripts/jquery-1.5.0-vsdoc.js" type="text/javascript"></script> }

The if-statement prevents the script tag from being rendered into the html source code.

Grab jQuery 1.5.0 vsdoc from here -> http://damianedwards.com/files/jquery/jquery-1.5-vsdoc.js

jQuery vScroll v1.2.0 released – multiple instance support + cycle feature

jQuery vScroll v1.2.0 released:

  • Includes support for multiple instances on a page.
  • Passing in of height atttribute for container.
  • Cycle feature to return to first item when last item reached.

Plugin Page Link

Download here: http://plugins.jquery.com/content/vscroll-120

Demo here: http://simon.tpdserver2.co.uk/jquery/vscroll/demo/

!Important: If moving from a previous version to v1.2.0 you must pass in the height you want the container to be as a plugin option.