jQuery Popup Window – modalPopLite V1.3.1

Latest release of jQuery modalPopLite. Super simple jquery modal popup window.

V1.3.1 adds the ability to provide a callback function to execute code when the user closes the popup.

Instructions and download here:

You can see it in use on the home page here (more info buttons on products under the banner):

Also on the product pages for playing back videos:

WordPress ‘Posts for Page’ Plugin v1.61

WordPress ‘Posts for Page’ plugin has been updated with support for some requested features.

Actual post excerpts can now be shown rather than the post content itself just limited in length. Post text can be hidden, e.g. if you just want to show post titles. Meta data can be shown to display the post date and author name. HTML content can be stripped from the shortened posts (if not using the excerpt). Post titles can be hidden.

  • use_wp_excerpt – show the WP generated excerpt or the excerpt if defined for the post
  • strip_html : attempts to strip all HTML content (if not using use_wp_excerpt option)
  • hide_post_content : set to ‘true’ to only show the post titles
  • show_meta : set to ‘true’ to show post date and author name
  • hide_post_title : set to ‘true’ to hide the post title, e.g. if you just want to show one post using post_id

Full instructions and download can be found here or go to the official WordPress plugin page.