Firefox 11 Memory Leak

I have always been a fan of Firefox and encouraged other developers to use it, addons such as Firebug and YSlow are simply essential tools for anything more than your most basic web page, and will even help with those. Neither the developer tools in Chrome, Safari or IE can really compete.

There certainly does seem to be an issue with the latest version of Firefox though regarding Continue reading

Posts for Page – WordPress Plugin


I really needed a way to show summarised posts by for a particular category or set of tags under the heading of a single page and could not find a suitable plugin, so I decided to write one.

If you go to the page link “ASP.Net” in the header of this site you will see snipped posts from the category ASP.Net. If you click on “HTML/CSS/jQuery” what you see is summarised versions of the posts tagged with either ‘HTML’, ‘CSS’ or ‘jQuery’.

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